BESS Valuation Tools

4 months, 3 weeks ago

Four publicly developed and freely available energy storage valuation tools -- QuEST from Sandia, BSET from PNNL, REopt from NREL, and StorageVet from EPRI.

QuEST from Sandia National Laboratories

QuEST is an Energy Storage Evaluation Application Suite

QuESt is a free, open source, Python-based application suite for energy storage simulation and analysis developed to bring Sandia energy storage analytics research tools to your desktop. QuESt currently consists of three distinct yet interconnected applications that individually and collectively will help your project engineers and researchers evaluate energy storage systems for different use cases. Future releases will include applications such as QuESt FTM, QuESt Microgrids, and QuESt Projects. QuESt FTM is for front-of-meter analyses, QuESt Microgrids is for microgrid operation and control, and QuESt Projects is for energy storage project planning.


The Battery Storage Evaluation Tool is a computer model that simulates the use of an energy storage system to meet multiple objectives. An energy storage device can be charged and discharged in different ways over time. The Battery Storage Evaluation Tool can determine how to control the battery in an optimal manner such that total benefits are maximized.

REopt from NREL

The REopt™ techno-economic decision support platform is used by NREL researchers to optimize energy systems for buildings, campuses, communities, microgrids, and more. REopt recommends the optimal mix of renewable energy, conventional generation, and energy storage technologies to meet cost savings, resilience, and energy performance goals.

StorageVet from EPRI

Cert is expired

StorageVET® 2.1 facilitates the understanding of where to place and install energy storage, the optimum size as well as controls options. StorageVET 2.1 implements dispatch optimization with sensitivity analysis to assist in planning energy storage project development by enabling rapid analysis of scenarios with different storage sizes, costs, and value streams. Additionally, StorageVET 2.1 is valuable as a research tool to inform broad-sweeping analyses of trends in storage value as a function of location, operation, and technical capabilities.